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Within a couple of years, she had relocated to New York City, intent on a music career.Ani sharpened her skills in coffee houses, neighborhood bars and women’s centers.

An elegiac melody is cushioned by splayed guitar notes, rippling keys, an ebb and flow horn section and a vampy rhythm that thwoks in ¾ time.

With her shaved head, tattoos and piercings, she was a target for rednecks and bigoted cops, (a topic she fully documents in the song “Every State Line”), but she persevered.

Her music was a sui generis combination of Punk and Folk.

Whether she was dissecting failed romantic relationships, openly discussing her bisexuality or offering barbed social commentary, her highly personalized lyrics completely resonated with the young audiences that populated her shows. The Los Angeles and New York Times spotlighted her growing popularity and singular independence.

She was celebrated in the pages of Rolling Stone and Ms.

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She also found time to collaborate with artists like Maceo Parker (formerly of James Brown’s JB’s), U. As the new millennium dawned, she released the double album Revelling/Reckoning, a chronicle of her marriage (and subsequent divorce) from the married man she had obsessed over in Dilate.