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When my in-laws are visiting, they like the bread so much that I end up making a loaf every day so there is enough for everyone for toast in the morning and sandwiches at lunch. They need extra mixing time, and only one rise cycle.

You need to make sure to get a bread machine with a gluten-free setting as it is programmed for this method.

Thankfully, the staff at Jake’s was willing to share how they made it, just following the directions on the Maninis Bread Mix, so that any of us customers could make it at home too.

However, the recipe for one loaf was always so small in our bread machine and doubling it produced a loaf that wasn’t all the way cooked when the bread machine was done baking it.

So I’ve done some tweaking to get a good sized loaf that cooks up just right in the bread machine, without being over-cooked or underdone in the middle.

I finally got it just perfect and am ready to share the recipe with you! I store this bread at room temperature in a container on my counter, and just slice as I am ready to make sandwiches.

It takes me literally 10 minutes of work to make this bread in my bread machine! Our whole family loves this bread, and when we have gluten-eating guests, they do too! Gluten-free yeast breads do not handle two rises well at all.

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It has fully programmable settings, so you can program it to skip the extra rise.