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Despite the fact that is supplement is safe and well tolerates, there are some side effect linked to it.These effects are mild and include loss of appetite, tiredness, nausea, headaches and dizziness.Long-term use This supplement has been used as a nootropic or brain enhancer to enhance memory in people who have been brain damaged.Research Besides the benefits, medicines are known to lead to unwanted side effects.In the event these serious reactions do occur, you need to stop taking the supplement immediately and seek medical attention.Dosages The recommended dosage of Galantamine is between 4 and 12 mg taken twice daily. Reviews One user reported that her father has been using the supplement for four months and there has been a significant improvement in his alertness and mood.Although not all of these effects may occur, you need medical attention if they do.

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Galantamine 8 mg Anyone who has been having trouble relaxing or falling to sleep, even after a very hard and tiring day, may be suffering from an unbalanced or abnormally low level of acetylcholine within the brain.

This is easily rectified through the use of Galantamine, a supplement which actually helps to increase the level of this important brain chemical.

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Galantamine is a cognitive enhancer which is used to improve mental acuity and it also promotes relaxation.

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