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Datingonashoestring com

If you can stretch to dinner and a hotel then it is definitely worth it.

Stay the night at Sky City Grand Hotel (you can even have your couples massage in your room) you can get a room with a view and it is breathtaking.

I use any excuse to go into the city and get one of these bad boys! Have a laugh – book you and your loved one in for a night at The Classic. Go on a Wednesday when they have loads of comedians in one night and you cannot possibly pick wrong. You are sure to have a laugh and you can meander down to Giapo afterwards for a spot of tasty gelato.

Also don’t forget the Comedy Festival is on April 21-May 14 across Auckland and Wellington venues.9.

Be a tourist in your own city – book a hotel, do a bus tour, go on a jet boat etc.Dinner with a view – Go somewhere with a glorious view.Open up a great bottle of wine and take your time to enjoy the afternoon and stay on until dinner.TIP: You aren’t always going to be into the same things.So try something he likes and mix it with something you like. The biggest tip I would ever give is Like pages on Facebook and press the ‘Interested’ button when it comes to events that you think you may like even if you can’t go.

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