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Moments #1406 January 2006 Anthology–Valentine’s Day is Killing Me *–Brava (trade pb) Susanna Carr, Mary Janice Davidson, Leslie Esdaile Anderson, Jessica–Ricochet * (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab)–Harlequin Intrigue #893 Apodaca, Jennifer–Batteries Required *–Kensington Beaton, M. Moments #1402 Cabot, Meg–Size 12 Is Not Fat *–Avon (trade pb) Calvin, June–The Ruby Ghost–Signet (Regency) Crombie, Deborah–In a Dark House *– Avon Enoch, Suzanne–Don’t Look Down *–Avon Feehan, Christine–Dark Desire *–Leisure (reissue) (paranormal) Ferrarella, Marie–Sundays Are For murder * (Signature Select)–Harlequin Fossen, Delores–Secret Surrogate *–Harlequin Intrigue # 895 Gardner, Lisa–Alone *–Bantam Gerard, Cindy–To the Brink *– St.

Martin’s Herron, Rita–Vows of Vengeance * ( Nighthawk Island)–Harlequin Intrigue #892 Heyer, Georgette–The Quiet Gentleman–Harlequin (reissue) (Regency) Jance, J.

============================================== When Mt St Helens erupted in the ’80s, I and a dentist from Dickinson were standing out by the then Holiday Inn in Bismarck. One day Floyd went to town with it and when he returned he parked it in front of the house — which really DID have tarpaper “brick” siding. Lars Sivertson, who lives east of Lake Metigoshe, is also a sister to Irene and Lorna’s mother.

A blizzard just went thru here the last few days and is headed east where it is much worse. The easterly winds carried the ash from that eruption all the way to ND. Neola spends a lot of time in Bottineau in an apartment that she rents. I’ll bet she plans on staying in Bottineau for a day or two now. Alney Kofoid is married to Lorna Adam’s, Lee Strickland’s first cousin. *–Urban Books (reprint) Graham, Heather–Killing Kelly *–Mira (reprint) Harris, Lori L.–Secret Alibi * (The Blade Brothers of Cougar County)–Harlequin Intrigue #907 Herron, Rita–In a Heartbeat *–Harlequin Hingle, Metsy–Black Silk *–Mira Jackson, Lisa–Fatal Burn *–Zebra James, Elle–Beneath the Texas Moon *–Harlequin Intrigue #906 Janzen, Tara–The Mission: Crazy Kisses *–Dell Ladd, Linda–Head to Head *–Pinnacle Long, Julie Anne–Beauty and the Spy–Warner Miles, Cassie–Undercover Colorado * (Rocky Mountain Safe House)–Harlequin Intrigue #904 Montana, Lynn–Running for Cover *–Avon O’Brien, Kathleen–Quiet as the Grave *–Harlequin Phillips, Patricia Anne–Last Bride Standing *–Dafina Roberts, Kelsey–The Last Landry * (The Landry Brothers)–Harlequin Intrigue #903 Shaw, Sophia–Depths of Desire *–Dafina Strohmeyer, Sarah–Bubbles Betrothed *–Onyx (reprint) Webb, Debra–Vows of Silence *–Harlequin Wilde, Lori–You Only Love Twice *–Warner Wisdom, Linda Randall–Memories After Midnight *–Silhouette Int.Moments #1409 Young, Donna–Engaging Bodyguard *–Harlequin Intrigue #908 February 2006 Apodaca, Jennifer–Thrilled to Death *–Kensington (HC) Barr, Nevada–Hard Truth *– Berkley Bebris, Carrie–Suspense and Sensibility–Forge (literary mystery series reprint) Brand. Moments #1403 Brennan, Allison–The Hunt *–Ballantine Caine, Leslie–Manor of Death *–Ballantine Cowan, Debra–Wild Fire *–Silhouette Int.Moments #1413 Daheim, Mary–The Alpine Quilt *–Ballantine (reprint) Drake, Shannon–Reckless –Harlequin (reprint) Ferrarella, Marie–The Heart of a Ruler *–Silhouette Int.Moments #4108 Fossen, Delores–Unexpected Father *–Harlequin Intrigue #913 Grady, Erin–Whispers *– Berkley Hamilton, Lyn–The Moai Murders *– Berkley (reprint) Hess, Joan–The Goodbye Body *– St.

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Martin’s (reprint) James, Eloisa–The Taming of the Duke–Avon Johansen, Iris–Count Down *–Bantam (reprint) Kent, Alison–Deep Breath *–Kensington Brava (trade pb) Killian, Diana–Sonnet of the Sphinx *–Pocket King, Laurie R.–Locked Rooms–Bantam (historical mystery reprint) Labud, Pamela–If You Could Read My Mind–Zebra Long, Kathleen–When a Stranger Calls *–Harlequin Intrigue #914 Lovelace, Merline–Diamonds Can Be Deadly *–Silhouette Int.

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