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Juniper research mobile dating

There, he learned how the monks had made their beer for the past 1,500 years.

Next up was Pompeii, where he researched the role of popinas, or ancient Roman wine bars, in daily life.

But the history of alcohol on a historically rich island meant work did not exactly go away.‘She was like, “OK, you’ve done your research in Pompeii. He added, laughing: ‘I mean, obviously on vacation you consume a fair amount of alcohol depending on where you’re at.

He merged his two passions - brewing and ancient history - and became a beer archaeologist who recreates ancient beers.

Rupp is pictured tasting a sample of a beer Avery brewed this July Rupp recently returned to the US from a beer archaeology expedition in Italy.

Beer has been a part of our culture since the beginning, it’s been there.

Pre-literate cultures were producing beer and so pretty much any period, any culture, any location you want to dive into there’s evidence that they were producing some kind of alcoholic beverage that was cultural to them.’An interest in beer flows through Rupp’s family.

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The Viking brew, Ragnarsdrápa, is named for a poem honoring a legendary Viking king.