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SBMW was inaugurated by Hon’ble CPO/CSTM on and announced the on-the-spotcash award of Rs.10,000/-. procedure and formats have been simplified and streamlined by forming a Single Window Mechanism for effective coordination and for prompt disposal of such claims.This mechanism has been very effective and successful.Timelines are defined to process for consolidated sanction by nodal staff and officers instead of dealing discretely and in piece-meal manner.This mechanism resulted in sanctioning of PF within 24 hours with significant bearing on staff satisfaction Index.All the users starting from Confidential Cell to respective Cadre Chief OSs, Executives and Personnel Officers were given user accounts with defined access to scanned APARs and facilitative reports for ready usage.

A Joint Meeting was conducted by calling all the Secretaries and Presidents of all the Institutes.

As circulars from HQ are streamlined and updated on website, all HQ references also can be hosted in a web application also to facilitate sending of replies/compliance online.

The retired Railway employees were complaining about non receipt of pensioner’s portion of PPO by their paying branches of Banks.

The employees details in Comptran have been updated with the help of special team nominated.

All the necessary fields of bio-data and special columns such as Adhar numbers and contact/phone numbers have also been updated.

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View letter CMD has penned down a poem 'When the Chips are Down', aptly highlighting the present difficult situation BSNL is in and what all of us have to do to face the situation - 'Win if you can, give if you must; Ain't nobody but yourself to trust; Help yourself, to hell with the rest, Even to foster parents, who now don't love you best'.