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I have never been “the norm.” I have been overweight all my adult life (see also heavy, curvy, voluptuous, fat, “BBW” — whatever term you want to use).

They hide behind compliments that are really back-handed insults like, “There’s so much more of you for me to squeeze.” It’s hard to remember that if a guy’s a douchebag, I don’t want him anyway. But sometimes all I can remember is the sting of rejection, his cruel remark, or him looking through me to the skinny model in the corner.

They wanted something honest about being my size and dating in Los Angeles.

When they folded, it was returned to me to do as I wish.

In fact, I happen to be a very friendly person with a solid sense of humor.

But my big hips preclude me from being relationship material? Some men assume that if you’re overweight, you are also desperate and use that as an excuse to treat you like dirt.

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One I’ll never forget: “Your shape is not desirable to me.” At least he tried to make it sound like a business transaction.

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