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Throughout her four competing seasons, the severity of Courtney's behavior ranges from generally easygoing to extremely antagonistic.When she wants something, she will fight to the death to get it.After her team loses, she is considered for elimination, due to failing to participate in the cliff jumping challenge.

However she leaves a bad impression on her team in the first challenge after refusing to jump off the cliff into shark-infested waters, which devastates her.

In the end, she narrowly escapes elimination through a stroke of pure luck due to Ezekiel carelessly making a couple sexist comments, thus sparing her from elimination.

From here on in, Courtney mostly takes over leadership of the Killer Bass, often bringing up her past counselor-in-training (C. T.) experience, though her team rarely listens to her due to her bossy nature.

Though Courtney claims that she has no feelings towards him whatsoever, it is clear that she too has feelings for him.

This is first shown in Phobia Factor when Courtney helps Duncan in overcoming his fear, and hugging him after he succeeds, but pulls back when she realizes what she is doing.

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As the season progress, the two of them often find themselves together in challenges, with Courtney mocking Duncan and highlighting his flaws while he counteracts by telling her to admit that she likes him.

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