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As the new spokesperson for F45, an Australian fitness studio gym expanding across the U.

On Instagram, the jet-setting fit-fluencer's chic lob, pouty lips, contoured cheeks, and defined abs make it easy for fans to overlook Paige's rocky start: After a tumultuous childhood, during which she shuffled between her maternal grandmother's Minnesota trailer home, her paternal grandmother's Oklahoma home, and foster care, Paige moved out at age 16 before hustling her way into the fitness modeling industry in her mid-twenties.

At the time, I was bummed, but used the feeling as motivation when I went back to Oklahoma, where I'd been living.

I got on Model Mayhem, a site that connects photographers and models, launched my Instagram account, and started posting professional photos.

And we took the suspense very seriously, which underlined the film’s playfulness.” And even though it’s such a blender-full of genres (and still clocks in at a perfect 91 minutes), the movie stands out as a sprightly entry in the LGBT category.

And Jungermann, as in her web series, isn’t shy about lightly poking fun at herself — and the lesbian dating scene.

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Here’s a fun shot: as one of the Dinosaur Protection Group’s trucks drives down Jurassic World’s main street (which we saw destroyed at the end of the previous movie), a living Compsognathus stands on a table among a bunch of fake dinosaur toys.