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Removed "pinball" page and "most wanted" icons since it's not really relevant anymore. Safari Janshi Jan Oh (Mahjong King) Jockey Club II Johnny Nero Action Hero Joker Card Joker's Wild (Sigma) Joker's Wild (unknown) Joker Master Jubilee Double-Up Poker Kaiun Quiz Kick '4' Cash Keyboardmania Keyboardmania 2nd Mix Keyboardmania 3rd Mix K. Bird Kimble Double HI-LO King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match King of Fighters Neowave King of Fighters XI King of Football King of Route 66 King Tut Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix Kisekae Hanafuda Kisekae Mahjong Knights of Valour 2 Plus Knights of Valour: Aoshi Sanguo KO Punch Konami's Open Golf Championship Kono Tako Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan Kuai Le Xi You Ji L. Machineguns La Perla Nera La Perla Nera Gold Landing High Japan Laser 2001 Laser Base Laser Grand Prix The Last Bounty Hunter Last Bronx LD Mahjong #4 Leader Le Mans 24 Legionnaire Little Casino 2 Long Hu Zheng Ba 3 Long Hu Zheng Ba 4 Lost World Lucky Arrows Lucky Girl (1984) Lucky Lady M075 Poker Mad Dog Mc Cree Mad Dog II Magic's 10 2 Magic Colors Magic Drink Magic the Gathering: Armageddon Magic Card Magic Class Magic Card Jackpot Magic Lotto Export Magic Mask Magic Number Magical Tonic Magical Touch Magical Truck Adventure Magical Zunou Power Mahjong Cafe Break Mahjong Cafe Doll Mahjong Man Guan Cai Shen Mahjong Mania Mahjong Momotarou Mahjong Raijinhai DX Mahjong Senka Mahjong Shuang Long Qiang Zhu 2 Mahjong Shiyou Mahjong Tenkaigen Part 2 Mahjong Tensinhai Mahjong Yarou Malzak Malzak II Mambo A Go-Go Man Guan Fu Xing Mann, oh-Mann Manx TT Superbike Margarita Magic Mario Kart Arcade GP Mars TV Martial Beat Mating Game Maxi Double Poker Maximum Speed Mayjinsen Mazan: Flash of the Blade Mazer Blazer Mega Double Poker Mega Double Poker Jackpot Mega Lines Melty Blood Actress Again Merit Poker Metal Man Metal Maniax Metal Slug 6 Microman Battle Charge Millennium Sun Mini Boy 7 Missile Combat Mobile Suit Z-Gundam: A. Polystars Tokimeki Memorial Oshiete Your Heart Tokimeki Memorial Oshiete Your Heart seal version PLUS Tokyo Cop Tokyo Wars Top Blade V Top Gear Top Landing Top Skater Tora Tora Total Vice Touch and Go Tournament Solitaire Touryuu Densetsu Elan Doree Tower & Shaft Trail Blazer Trap Shoot Classic Treasure Hunt Treasure Island Triple Star 2000 Tripple Draw Trivia Challenge Trivia Madness Trouble Witches AC Turbo Poker 2 Turnover Two Minute Drill Uchuu Daisakusen V Goal Soccer Vega Vegas Poker Video Poker Virtua Cop Virtua Cop 2 Virtua Fighter 2 Virtua Fighter 3 Virtua Fighter 3: Team Battle Virtua Fighter Remix Virtua Striker Virtua Striker 2 Virtua Striker 2 '98 Virtua Striker 2 '99 Virtua Striker 2 '99.1 Virtual Combat Virtual On Virtual On 2 Virtual On Oratorio Tangram M. Added "EM" page since these are showing up more in MAME. Slight update to Data East Cassette listing reflecting listing in MAME driver source. Grouped Survivor with Ten Spot, and listed Ten Spot's games. Game Tree Geinohjin Sikaku Siken Genkai Chousen Distopia Get A Way Go! Note from Racketboy: As common as MAME is, it can be quite intimidating to install for those that are new to the scene.Removed "unknown" unnamed games as it is too difficult to keep track of what they end up being. Updated Soreike Kokorogy 2, Parasol Stars, Quiz Show, Ms Pac-Man Twin, Spacian, Space Cyclone, Bubble Trouble. Kicker, Crackin' DJ, Joker's Wild, King Tut, Money In the Bank, Penguin Adventure, Quarter Horse Classic, Pinkiri 8, Gundam Wing: Endless Duel, Fun Station Spielekoffer 9 Spiele, Vega, Monza GP, Quarter Horse, Bega's Battle, Computer Quiz Atama no Taisou, Cycle Mahbou, Race Drivin' Panorama, Metal Maniax, Happy 6-in-1, Magic Mask, Geisha, Kimble Double HI-LO, Fast Draw, Draw Poker HI-LO, Video Stars, The King of Fighters Neowave, Final Furlong, Dragon Chronicles, Netchuu Pro Yakyuu 2002, Soul Calibur II, Tekken 4, Mobile Suit Z-Gundam: A. Gorf, moved ZX-2000 and added Sagaia and Fantastic Journey to "other name" section. Added prototype games Ant Raid, Ptooie Louie, Midway's Pro Tour, Spectre Files, Ugly Stick, RC, Wild Pitch, E.

Great thanks go out to everyone that's helped out in the list - the keepers of other similar pages (links below) and countless e-mails. Skate Kids, Donkey King, Ace Driver: Victory Lap, Columns 3, The Couples, Amatic Unknown Slots, Jan Yu Ki, Super Ranger, Kizuna Encounter Special, Night Raid, Mahjong Nenrikishu SP, Ultra Toukon Densetsu, Pye-nage Taikai, Taihou de Doboon, Hae Hae Ka Ka Ka, Dragon World II, Jingle Bell, The Killing Blade, Gunbarl, (Quiz & Variety) Sukusuku Inufuku, War of the Bugs, Springboard, Cyber Commando, Wink, Dream Fruit (Fruit Dream), (Touchstar) Bonanza, Rabbit Poker, Soul Edge Ver II (which in turn removes the Zinc section), Video Stars (it was added as a non-working MAME driver, and is no longer in MAME, ended up being a Crazy Kong clone).

Changed GP 500 to 500 GP and Roulette (Playmark) to Croupier. S., Ringout 4x4, Inu no Osanpo, King of Route 66, Barroom Baseball, Samba de Amigo ver. Added pictures for Last Apostle Puppet show, Nightmare. Added to NOT WORKING: Astro Wars, Joker's Wild, P's Attack, Magic the Gathering Armageddon, Royale, Cal Omega games, Mystery Number, Shark Party, Victor 5, Victor 21, Euro Jolly X5, Grand Prix, Squash, Captain Uncino, Capitani Coraggiosi, La Perla Nera, La Perla Nera Gold, Europa 2002, Top Blade V, Office Yeo ln Cheon Ha, Carta Magica, Laser 2001, Magic Drink, Millennium Sun, Nt Cash, Super Space 2001, Wizard, Elvis, Beauty Block, Nandemo Seal Iinkai, Rapid River, Funny Land de Luxe, Mad Zoo, Hot Slot, Magic Colors, IPM Invader, Quiz Punch 2, Jingle Bell, Bust a Move 2, Rail Chase 2, Daytona USA Deluxe '93, Air Trix, Planet Harriers, Star Wars Pod Racer, Wave Runner, King of Football, Hell Night, Motocross Go, Parent Jack, Destiny Horoscope, Galaxian3, Il Pagliaccio, Cherry Bonus 2001, Four Roses, Queen? Random updates to Zero Team, Pro Monaco GP, Earth Friend, Bullet, International Team Laser, Clean Sweep. More blurry magazine pictures for everyone to wonder about...

Moved Zorton Brothers and Platoon to laserdisc page. , Crisis Zone, Hydro Thunder, Offroad Thunder, Derby Owner's Club World Edition, Virtual On Oratorio Tangram M. 2000, Derby Owner's Club 2000, Shootout Pool Medal, Dream Crown, X Tom 3D, Neo Print V1, World Kicks, Shakatto Tambourine Cho Powerup Chu, Dirty Pigskin Football, Outrun 2 Special Tours, Crazy Taxi High Roller, Ridge Racer V Arcade Battle, Smash Court Pro Tournament, Funny Fruit, Dragon World II, Odeon Twister 2, The King of Fighters XI, Shooting Star, Zero Gunner 2, Magical Touch, Faster Than Speed, Wave Runner GP, 5-Aces Poker, NSM Poker, Dual Games, Symbols, Arrow Bingo, NFL, Puyo Puyo Da! Zeon, Jubilee Double-Up Poker, Soul Calibur 2, White Tiger, Swiss Poker, Movie Card, Maximum Speed, Olympic Hot Stuff, Savage Quest, Mini Boy 7, Mega Double Poker, Magic Train, Gundam Seed: Federation vs. , Cherry Master 91, Jackie, Grand Prix 98, Leader, Janshi, Night Bunny, Royal Night, Night Gal, Night Gal Summer, Sexy Gal, Sweet Gal, AV Hanafuda Hana no Christmas Eve, AV Hanafuda Hana no Ageman, Bingo Circus, Landing High Japan, Operation Tiger, Dancing Stage Euro Mix, Status Black Jack, Merit Poker, Slot Carnival, Mahjong Senka, Mahjong Yarou, Cherry Chance, Mahjong Cafe Break, Lucky Girl, X Se Dae Quiz, Magic Card, Cross Bingo. Moved Cycle shooting to alternate name section (clone Bronx is in MAME). Updated Aaargh, Front Row, International Team Laser, Go Coo, Rockford, ZX-2000, Happy Hunter, Techno X, Huddle Up, Back Fire, Quiz Omaeni Pipon Cho, American Soccer, Burning Street, Shooting Zone, War Ball, Variant Schwanzer, Chanbara, Hang-Zo, Dead or Alive proto, Mayjinsen 3, Ashita Tenkini Naare, Super Golf, Devil Shock, Computer Othello, Quiz Kanojyo, Mad Dancing, Jong Yu Ki, Wonder Hole, AIM, X222, Bash, Jigsaw Paradise, Hammer Away, Wiz special version, Jong II, Jan-Shin, Hana Jingi, Oo-zumou, Front Row, Hello Gateball, Nyankoro, Dangle, Power Drift link ver, Sky Destroyer, Adventure, Block Buster, Kozoutai Gatcyo, Monkey Magic, Yuki Buta P, Kyuukouka Bakugekitai, Mole Hunter, Manhattan, Nebula, Looney Tunes, F1 Super Lap, ACW, Air Combat 22, Air Walkers, Alien Challenge, Astro Wars, Ball Park 2, Battle Star, Birdiy, Burble, Car Hunt, Chase Bombers, Constella, Cool Riders, Cosmopolis, Crystal Maze, Crystal Maze Team Challenge, Cycle Warriors, Dangerous Curves, Deep Scan, Deron Derodo, Diamond Derby, Dirt Dash, Explorer, F-15 Strike Eagle, Fighter's Impact, Final Ranger, Frogs and Spiders, Futuer Flash, Galactic Storm, Galaxia, Get-A-Way, Space Battleship Gomorah, GP World, Great Guns, Janputer, Jantotsu, Kaiun Quiz, KO Punch, Limbo, Magical Date, Manhattan, Mayjinsen, Mirax, Moon Alpha, Moon Quake, Moonraker, Moon Tracker, Moon Trek, Nebula, Nice On, Sengoku Ninja Tai, Panic Road, Racing Beat, Round Up 5, Scramble, Skeet Shot, Sky Love, Space Battle, Star Rider, Star Rub, Star Wars Arcade, Steel Worker, Super Dead Heat, Super Football champ, Super Speed Race GP5, Super Stron Warriors, Surfer, Tatakae Big Fighter, Tic-Tac-Quiz, Tokyo Mie Clinic, Top Bowler, Trampoline, Tri-Attacker, Ultra Quiz, Vertigo, Warp 1, Western Gun, Wing War, Winning Run, Winning Run Suzuka GP, Witch Way, Wyvern, Yakyuen, Yosaku, Zero Team, Dai San Wakusei. Updated Special Games section with alternate names of games in MAME.

Updated Area 51 Site 4, Gals Panic 2, Gals Panic 3, Poly-Net Warriors / Polygonet Commanders, Vega, Heated Barrel, Raiden II, Air Inferno, Dangerous Curves, Kokoroji 2, Bust a Move 2, Super Hang-On Limited Edition. Sexy Gal Shadow Fighters Shakatto Tambourine Shakatto Tambourine Cho Powerup Chu Sheng Dan Wu Xian Shikigami no Shiro III Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Toukon Retsuden 4 Shooting Love 2007 Shooting Star Shooting Zone Shootout Pool Shootout Pool Medal Silent Scope Silent Scope 2 Skat TV Skeet Shot (Dynamo) Skelagon Ski Champ Skill Trek Skins Game Sky Target Slam Dunk 2 Slot Carnival Smash Court Pro Tournament Snow Board Championship Soccer New Solid Gold Sonic the Fighters Soreike Kokoroji 2 Soul Calibur II Soul Calibur III Southern Systems Joker Poker Space Ace Space Lords Space Pirates Special Effects Special Forces Elite Training Speed Driver Spica Adventure Spiel Bude Spikeout Spikeout Final Ed. Virtuality system VLC Nevada Wangan Midnight Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 War: Final Assault Wave Runner Wave Runner GP Wheels & Fire White Tiger Who Shot Johnny Rock Wild Poker Win Win Bingo Wing War Winning Streak Wizard World Cup '94 World Kicks World PK Soccer World PK Soccer V2 World Rally 2 World Soccer Winning Eleven Arcade Game Style World Soccer Winning Eleven Arcade Game 2003 X Five Jokers X Se Dae Quiz X Tom 3D Xtreme Rally / Off Beat Racer!

Added DICE games Stunt Cycle, Pong Doubles, Breakout, TV Basketball, Attack, Anti-Aircraft, Quadrapong, Shark JAWS, Crash n' Score, Jet Fighter. Gundam Gundam Wing: Endless Duel Gunmen Wars Gunpey Happy 6-in-1 Harley Davidson and L. Riders Heat of Eleven '98 Heated Barrel Hell Night The Hermit Hide & Seek Hi-Lo Double Up Joker Poker High Seas Havoc Hit Poker Home Run Classic Homura Hot Slot Hot Slots House of the Dead House of the Dead 2 House of the Dead III Huang Fei Hong Hydro Thunder Hyper Viper Ichi Ban Jyan Ice Cold Beer Il Pagliaccio Illvelo Indianapolis 500 Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3 Inquizitor International Toote Intersecti Interstellar Laser Fantasy Inu no Osanpo IPM Invader IQ Pipe Jackpot Pool Jambo! Sport Fishing 2 Sports Shooting Star Blazer Star Trek: Voyager Star Trigon Star Wars Arcade Star Wars Pod Racer Star Wars Trilogy Starspinner Stelle e Cubi Stepping Stage Stone Age Street Games Stress Busters Strike it Lucky Strip Teaser Submarine Super Card Super Cherry Master Super Don Quixote Super Dou Di Zhu Super Dragon Ball Z Super Famicom Box Super GT 24h Super Jolly Super Major League Super Major League '99 Super Nudger II Super Pinball Action (prototype) Super Pool Super Real Mahjong VS Super Six Plus II English Mark Darts Super Space 2001 Super Tarzan Super World Stadium 2000 Sweet Gal Sweet Hearts II Swiss Poker Symbols Table Tennis Champions Taiko no Tatsujin 9 Taiko no Tatsujin 10 Taiwan Chess Legend Target Hits Tarzan Tatakae Big Fighter Technical Bowling Tecmo World Cup '98 Tekken 4 Tekken 5.1 Ten Pin Deluxe Ten Quid Grid Ten Spot Tetris Fighters TH Strikes Back Thayer's Quest Thunderbirds Thunder Hurricane Time Crisis 2 Time Crisis 3 Time Machine v2.0 Time Traveller Tobe!

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Added link to undumped Wiki, Game Not Working List and updated other links. Part two of three - adding all the non-working games for the most part. Added/updated pictures of Angler Dangler, Manhattan, Sengoku Ninja Tai, Nebula. Removed Lock-On, moved Pinball 421 to non-games, GP World to laserdisc games, and updated Gals Panic 2. Removed Gekisou, Super Bowl, Pit Boss II, Super Pit Boss, Pit Boss Megastar, Megatouch 6, Risky Challenge/Gussun Oyoyo, Tang Tang, Side By Side 2, Moon Base. These are differently named clones of games in MAME (such as Boomerang, in MAME as Ikki).

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