Which dating site is better eharmony or match

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Which dating site is better eharmony or match

Sure, you can attract godzillions of admirers with an “enhanced” description of yourself but one of the biggest benefits of online dating is that there’s no need.

You can be the “real you” attract plenty of admirers.

A good way to approach this is to draw up a mini survey.

For instance, ask them to list your top five strengths, your top five weaknesses, your most interesting characteristic, your most likeable characteristic, your most annoying characteristic, your skills, the thing they most admire, etc.

This is why most dating profiles have “in your own words” sections.

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If not, be sure to wrangle in the information somewhere, somehow.

Remember, dating profile forms are just a guide – a starting point – for describing yourself.

As you’ll see, there’s no need to make yourself out to be someone you’re not or sweep all those little quirks under the carpet.

In a nutshell, one of the essential qualities to aim for when writing a dating profile is honesty.

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